Solar Green Energy is a company engaged in the production of electricity from renewable sources with a focus on the development of new environmental projects in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe.

We believe that the transition to clean energy is a must if we want to live in a balanced world. We are actively involved in the energy transition, which is a key pillar for a sustainable future.

About us

Solar Green Energy is an investment company engaged in the production of electricity from renewable sources.

The company’s efforts are focused on the construction and management of innovative technologies for the production and storage of electricity. In the process of work we rely on high professionalism and quality standard in the implementation of projects.

The company’s assets consist of SPV companies, owners of photovoltaic power plants, which produce clean electricity, which reaches consumers through the national electricity grid.

We are working to turn climate and environmental challenges into opportunities for development.

Our Goals


in MW


annual production in MWh


households annual consumption


tons of carbon emissions avoided


equivalent to trees reforested

The team

Our team of highly qualified specialists and extensive professional experience in the energy sector guarantees the quality of the projects and services we develop and aims to:

  • Environmental protection – the basis of 90% of projects
  • Development with an emphasis on clean energy
  • Use of the latest technologies in the energy sector


We have the expertise, freedom and flexibility to innovate and apply new efficient technologies in our projects.

We invest in projects and initiatives that contribute to sustainable energy, both in the field of clean energy and its conservation.

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Energy storage
  • Waste energy
  • Hydrogen as an energy source

New projects and Transition to sustainable energy

Solar Green Energy is one of the leading companies in the implementation of energy change in Bulgaria. Looking ahead to the future, we are developing new projects for renewable energy plants that add an imprint to the energy transition to a green economy and a sustainable world.

In 2021, Solar Green Energy began construction of one of the largest photovoltaic parks, not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe with an installed capacity of 400 MW – Apriltsi. At the moment, the connection facilities for the project have been built and put into operation, as well as 110 MW of generating capacity. Until the middle of 2022 we plan to put into operation another 51 MW, and by the end of the year to complete the entire project.

The main contractor for the design, supply and construction of the Apriltsi photovoltaic park is Inercom EOOD – a company with many years of experience in implementing projects for construction, maintenance and reconstruction of energy facilities.


We believe that following policies and guidelines aimed at a sustainable world and good corporate practices also helps our business and is an integral part of who we are.

At Solar Green Energy we accept our responsibility to the environment and society. We are committed to managing our business in an environmentally and socially responsible way to protect natural resources.

Our Environmental and Social Policy establishes our aims and objectives relating to the protection of the environment, the general principles governing our sustainability activity and the mechanisms needed for environmental risk analysis in decisions relating to our business and operations.

Solar Green Energy’s commitment to investing in sustainable energy will help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate change, leading to a safer and healthier environment, both in the municipalities in which we operate and the wider global community.

We at Solar Green Energy are actively committed to an ethical and responsible approach to doing business.

Our principles are based on the following objectives:

  • Respect to the identity of the municipalities in which we operate while promoting the economic and social development of these municipalities;
  • Production of clean non-contaminating energy affordable for all, decreasing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change;
  • Conserving and sustaining the environment;
  • Open communication;
  • Promoting healthy and safety conditions for our employees;
  • Contributing actively to the social wellbeing through corporate social projects with the communities and our employees.


* United Nations Global Compact

* United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment


Meet Our Partners

Together For A Clean And Sustainable World

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